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SMARTWASH 1200 & 1500 Cart Wash

The SMARTWASH 1200 & 1500's high impact rotating spray nozzles are designed to wash the most popuplar laundry carts inside and outside.

The SMARTWASH 1200 & 1500 pumping plant comes as a separate unit offering adaptability for installation. The pumping plant can be placed in remote areas when space is limited.

About Technical Info

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What Makes the SMARTWASH 1200 & 1500 Better than the Rest

3 Choices of Pumping Plants

Industrial 180° pump/motor with 5 rotating nozzles. Pumping unit holding tank with bypass valve, glycerin filled pressure gauge, piping grid for nozzles located inside the washing area, and stainless steel high pressure connecting hoses.

Software and Controls Made by Automation Dynamics

Interactive Control System with Programmable Logic Controller, Manual on/off start switch, including a interactive touch screen offering several wash profiles. This controller is totally interactive allowing wash options to be building on command on site and saved as a wash profile for auto selection.

Optional Twister Expansion

Having problems getting excess water and waste out of your carts? The Twister Expansion is ideal for:

  • Bio-Hazardous Industries
  • Hospital Laundry
  • Surgical Laundry
  • Medical Offices

The design behind the Twister is to eliminate the need for a worker to physically tip over the cart and dump the excess fluids out. Through automation, the cart will be elevated and inverted. The cart will then be washed and sanitized. In the inverted position, excess water and waste will flush down to a designated drain.

Technical Specifications

1200 Cart Wash Dimensions:

  • Sanitizer Single Structure - 8' H x 8' L x 4' 1/4" W
  • Door Opening 6' 2" H x 3' 2" W

1500 Cart Wash Dimensions:

  • Sanitizer Single Structure - 7' 11" H x 8' L x 5' 6" W"
  • Door Opening 6' 2" H x 3' 2" W

3 Phase Electrical Requirements (110 Volt 50 Amp 60Hz):

  • 3 Sizes of Pumping Plants to choose from: 2 HP, 5 HP, 10 HP
  • Wash 208-230/460
  • Dryer 10 HP 208-230/460 46.5/21
  • Control Panel Dedicated 120 Volt 20 Amp
  • Water (based on choice of Pumping Plant) 180° Water Max - 40 GPM 60 PSI Minimum
  • Air 1/4" Line 80 PSI less than 5 cubic feet


  • Automatic Doors
  • Blower
  • Auto Unload with Cart Dump & Exit Doors
  • Twister Insert for Bio-Hazard Carts
  • Chemical Application
  • Instant Kill