Intelligent Movement


Automation Dynamics' Accelerator ergonomically transfers linen from transport cart to sling carts. Workers no longer have to stand on platforms to transfer the soiled linen into carts.

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Why go with the Accelerator?

  • Ergonomic Design - Workers do not have to stand on platforms to transfer linen into sling carts. Minimizes muscle stress put on workers during this process.
  • Based on Karco Conveyor - A trusted name in the conveyor business that created a high quality product for this process.
  • Counting Through Light Frames - Counting through Light Frames allows for accurate read outs of product flow.
  • RFID Capable - RFID's allow for complete control over each linen that travels through your plant. Giving you access to accurate reports of what is traveling through and how much.
  • RFID Can Send Counts to Server or Current Station - Reports being accessible from current count station or digitally recorded to designated server.
Technical Specifications

Technical information is relevant to custom designs, please contact us for information about our high speed conveyor systems.

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