Intelligent Movement

Sling & Roll Bottom Carts

Made of Stainless Steel and heavy nylon or canvas, sling carts are an essential part of any laundry plant.

Automation Dynamics' produces multiple styles, designs and functions of carts. Our popular roll bottom cart is designed for efficient usage with the laundry business.

About Technical Info


About Sling & Roll Bottom Carts

Sling Carts - Carts are manueverable, easy to clean, and help with organization of any plant. Automation Dynamics' Plant designs can utilize carts in many ways to enhance the Intelligent movement of materials.

Roll Bottom Carts- Automation Dynamics works with JCI to produce the best possible solution for your plant needs. Carts are designed for efficiency and durability.

Technical Specifications

Automation Dynamics' custom builds carts to fit the needs of your plant. Please call us at the toll free number below for more information.