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Cart Wash Kit

The SMARTWASH 1000 Cart Wash Kit is our economical cart washing design.
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About the Cart Wash Kit

Automation Dynamics' SMARTWASH 1000 Cart Wash Kit design reduces cost by utilizing our customer's existing building.

SMARTWASH 1000 Cart Wash Kit Key Features

  • Adjustable automatic sanitizer cycle helps production needs of small and large plants.
  • Simple to operate, load the cart into the SMARTWASH 1000 and push start.
  • The SMARTWASH 1000 Sanitizer starts as a single kit design. Within the kit you have three choices of pump stations for your system.
Gated Enclosures are a valuable accessory that can be used with any EVI dumper. The intent is to keep people, and other obstructions, clear of the rotating drum. This feature has a very attractive return-on-investment - especially when you consider the alternatives.

  • Welded construction of angle iron and expanded metal.
  • Door interlock is included - mounted and wired.
  • 2-button control station - mounted and wired.



Technical Specifications
Please call us at 1-877-462-7200 for more information regarding technical specifications.
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