Intelligent Movement

Customer Service

Automation Dynamics strives to provide its customers with custom design options for their specific needs, and outstanding 24 hour support.

Why Should you Choose Automation Dynamics?

Because we have the knowledge of how to design a productive soil room and then manufacture the highest quality product, offer superior support and are the most innovative, aggressive company in pneumatic plant automation, tracking, sorting and counting within the Textile Maintenance Industry existing today.

From our patented Bullet processing systems, to our production tracking software, Production Wizard, to our UL approval, we have built a foundation substantial enough for owners to expand with future technology by building on this foundation not throwing it away. We are a technology company who understands "nuts and bolts" and has the experienced personnel, the technological industry knowledge, and the desire to complete a successful installation. Most importantly, because we have a common sense approach, understand a system is a tool, not an end to a means and must work together with the other systems, providing you a proper solution, not just equipment sales and support.
Our Goals
We have learned the only way to reach our corporate goals, is by first helping other corporations reach theirs. Therefore, our number one goal is to help our customer reach their goals. We produce the desired results for our customers by providing quality in both products and support.
We do this by using the following approach:
  • Understanding the customer's desired results.
  • Developing a plan to the customer's approval.
  • Choosing and designing the correct equipment.
  • Installing on time and within budget.
  • Full inspection and sign off prior to full production.
  • Training on the system and the process.
  • Strong, quick support & preventive maintenance.
  • Enhancements, customization and future training.
Our Primary Management Philosophy
To concentrate on the net results and complete our job on time and within budget. To become recognized as the most quality quality-conscious and dynamic automation systems integrator in our market as judged by our products and support.
We have four goals we ask each Team Member to follow:
  1. Do what you say you will do.
  2. Do it when you say you will.
  3. Do it 100% complete.
  4. Do it profitable for both the customer and our company.
Each Team Member reminds the other when faced with difficulty they have four choices:
  • You CAN
  • You CAN'T
  • You WILL
  • You WON'T

If you can't then you need training, if you won't then its time to go home, if you will and you can then you are already making the future brighter for all the team.

We understand that when your system is down, it is costing you money!