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High Speed Weigh Sort

Our High Speed Weigh Sort system can help increase profits by up to $128,262.50 per year while reducing labor by 17% and increasing production by 28%.

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About the High Speed Weigh Sort

For customers who do want to count, the Automation Dynamics high speed weight sort offers a number of money saving benefits. 60% of your high volume sorts go directly to the sling within 5 pounds of your ideal wash load.

Once the sling reaches the correct weight the control system alerts the operator who removes the full sling, sends it the wash isle via rail, then loads an empty sling onto the scales. Your high volume items are touched once before the wash, thus increasing production by up to 28%.

The high speed weigh sort removes most of the paper, utensils, and other gunk in the soiled linen before it can contaminate your wash and your washers. This means your linen comes out cleaner, and you may use less conditioning chemicals and reduce some re-wash items.

Technical Specifications
The High Speed Weigh Sort design changes drastically depending on your plant's needs.