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Industrial Computers

Automation Dynamics' industrial computers are custom designed for our software and our customers' environments. From specialized filtration and a heat-dissipating aluminum chassis to shock-absorbant hard drives, you won't find a better equipped computer for the industrial environment.

About Technical Info


About Our Industrial Computers

Our machines are custom designed for our software and our customers' environments:

  • The power supplies that we use are configured for the lowest power consumption and heat production that can be utilized and still allow the performance needed.
  • The air flow and filter system we use protects the interior circuitry from 99% of the potential dust and lint contamination from an industrial laundry.
  • We use solid state drives for superior heat and vibration tolerance.
  • Every machine we build goes out with the latest patches and updates from our hardware and software vendors.
  • All machines are given a minimum 3-day performance and burn-in test before they are shipped.

Make Sure You are Comparing Apples to Apples

Check the pricing for any manufacturer of an INDUSTRIAL PC and you will see that we are very competitive.

We have had customers try and use normal home or business computers (Dell or HP) as count stations and they usually last 6 months. Also, every time you send the unit to Dell they wipe the hard disk and then you end up with additional hassle of 2 to 3 vendors for one box (Hardware, OS and applications).

Our products are continually tested and updated in the level of processing and system capabilities 4 times a year. This is so that you get a system with current proven technology and not something that has been sitting on a shelf for a year or that has just been released with unknown hardware/software compatibility issues.

Technical Specifications

Automation Dynamics' Industrial Computers are designed for your business. All components are manually and electronically checked for the best quality assurance.