Intelligent Movement

Light Frames

Automation Dynamics offers Light Frames for any plant configuration. A Light Frame may be mounted on an existing table in your plant, on a caster-wheeled frame for mobility, or grouped in large arrays.

About Technical Info

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Super Basic Light Frame

Enclosed in Stainless Steel, Each Super Basic Light Frame Includes:

  • A Ready Light Indicator
  • An On/Off Switch
  • A Count Display with Presets
  • Adjust Count Up/Down Buttons
  • Size Selection Knob for Excellent Accuracy

The Super Basic Count System will provide the functionality you need to count your linen. with surgical grade stainless steel construction the unit will last and look great for many years. the high grade electrical components will provide the accurate counts with the accuracy you need for many years.

Bulk Light Frame Count System

Among our many innovations is the Bulk Light Frame Count Station. The CountMaster Light Frame is designed with the operator and owner in mind.

Technical Specifications

Features and Benefits:

  • Structural Material - built with stainless steel, making the Light Frame rugged, yet attractive.
  • Touch Screen - an accurate and easy to read screen with color-coded user screens and icons including on-board equipment status and indicator icons. The ergonomic positioning and brightly colored screens make it a snap to operate and train personnel.
  • Barcode Scanner - Auto discriminating unit located in the center and easy to reach, but out of direct visual contact. This allows the operator to quickly scan customer information which automatcially loads to the touch screen.