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Plastic Eater

Among our many innovations for the soil room is the Plastic Eater. The Plastic eater is a vacuum system designed for handling plastic trash.

About Technical Info


What is the Plastic Eater?

A patented breakthrough in vacuum design! A vacuum system designed specifically for plastic and textile. Automatically transport your plastic trash into automated compactors.

Use the same system at the end of the shift or end of the day to vacuum up in cleanup to take away conveyors in the surrounding area in the soil room. And, you can use this same-patented process and style of system to transport washcloths in any other textile item less than three pounds.

The Plastic Eater generates industrial strength vacuuming at the take away end and blows the plastic into a controlled air stream at the delivery end into a trash or recycle receptacle.

It is truly amazing and best of all, we guaranteed not to plug the suction side of the system causing motor overloaded and loss of vacuum.

Technical Specifications

The plastic eater uses 5, 7, 10, and 15 hp motors along with patented Bullet Venturi technology to carry unwanted plastic from the takeaway end directly to the disposal unit (compactor or recycling bin). Please contact us about a design specific to your plant's needs.