Intelligent Movement

Weighing Systems

In Healthcare and Hotel/Motel the normal sorting method is by the pound. Automation Dynamics produces weighing systems for these industries.

Using our Sort On Rail and Bullet System, we have created weighing points at any time during production.

About Technical Info

Types of Weighing Systems Produced by Automation Dynamics:

  • Sort on Rail - Sorts material off of a conveyor belt into slings, once desired weight is maxed in a sling, an alarm will sound.
  • Bullet System - Once items are transferred to the top bin, they are dropped into the buffer bin onto a flexible hinge that weighs the material. Once the target weight is hit, sling or sling carts are brought in for transfer.
  • Slings, Vacuum Bins, Bullet Bins and "Out in Open" Styles are all examples of Automation Dynamics weighing systems.

Technical Specifications

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